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Jesus is

Go and teach ALL NATIONS baptizing them in the
name of the FATHER, SON & HOLY GHOST
teaching them to observe all I have commanded you!
Read and Study
Gods word daily
Study to show thyself approved unto GOD
A workman need not be ashamed
Teaching only the TRUTH!!!

Our Church

Arima Seventh-day Adventist Church is a Christian faith community preparing the world for the return of Jesus Christ. It is a relatively large congregation consisting of approximately 500 believers in Trinidad. Here, residents from Malabar, Arima, La Horquetta, Santa Rosa, Dabadie and further east find the ideal place of worship. Arima SDA can be described as a conservative church with a mixed congregation of worshipers from varying backgrounds, ethnicity and age groups.


Our vision is to have every member of the Arima Seventh Adventist Church living in readiness, working for the kingdom of God.

Mission Statement

Arima Seventh Day Adventist Church exists to nurture and train its members to live and touch the lives as Jesus lived, and share the everlasting gospel to the people of its community.

On 2012, our church will be celebrating its 100th anniversary celebrations. We have chosen 1912 as the focal point of celebration since it was in that year that our church opened its doors on Green Street, its own newly erected edifice, after over a decade of movement from one spot to another in search of permanence and identity. Adventism had come to the district before the turn of the century. With the Rileys and other faithful neophytes first travelling to the city and later as numbers grew seeking lodgement on members’ premises or rented buildings, Adventism began to take root in the Borough.

Green Street the Church

The spot on Green St was a veritable God-send, a gift in the end to the church from a thriving black cocoa-farmer who happened to be the brother-in-law of a prominent member, Sr Cotton. The actual construction work was done by members themselves and the ornamental work given its special artistic finish by a visiting European pastor who painted the beautiful angel over the pulpit, delivering the third angel’s message. By the 20s a school at the back of the church was annexed, for members’ children, in keeping with the Adventist philosophy of Christian education. This small, inadequate spot produced fine minds for church and society, preparing graduates for Caribbean Training College and future church leadership at home and abroad.

Green St did not expand visibly in size for over five decades, but it began a program of colonization throughout the district from D’Abadie to Talparo, through its evangelistic campaigns and tent meetings. In those days pastors were responsible for many churches, from Blanchicheuse to Talparo and due to long periods of absence local elders were very influential and extremely capable. Some of the great names that stand out include Brothers Gill, Henry, Charles, St Hill, Diaz, Roberts, Chuniesing, men who worked untiringly for the Lord and contributed significantly to growth and expansion.

Effect on the Community

The Adventist community in Arima is now a very respected one. The ridicule of an earlier time of religious intolerance has been superceded by considerable positive social regard, and often our building is requested for inter-faith services and programs. Spatial constraints at Green St forced re-location to De Gannes St in the 70s, at the time of construction a magnificient structure in a new non-traditional architectural style.